We value intentional ADVOCACY to bring the needs of the Broome County community to the elected and appointed officials that represent members of the Broome County community and advocate for policies that increase food security for community members.


We value a non-competitive COLLABORATION that seeks to build trustworthy partnerships by learning about the initiatives of those comprising the Broome County food system and working towards coordinating those efforts to increase efficacy.


We value effective COMMUNICATION that establishes a non-discriminatory relationship between the Broome County Food Council and the entire Broome County community that educates and informs.


We value a resourceful EDUCATION that provides tools to develop, cultivate and guide the Broome County community toward people's specific needs with openness and empathy.


We actively work to build EQUITY within the Council that demonstrates respect, dignity, humility, fairness, opportunity, and understanding to all Broome County residents. We strive to create a safe, empathetic environment for residents affected by the inequities of the food system.


We value showing EMPATHY to everyone by recognizing an individual’s uniqueness and complex history. We are committed to active listening and responding without judgment.